October 25, 2012

Announcement from Statistics Canada


The 2011 Census Dissemination Project is pleased to announce the
official release of the 2011 Census language information.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 8:30 a.m. (Ottawa time), sees the
official release, via the Internet, of the fourth set of data
and analyses from the 2011 Census. All standard products are
available free of charge.

These data and analyses can be accessed through a variety
of gateways:

. Users can enter through The Daily

. Users can click on the Census button at the top of the
right-hand navigation bar of the Statistics Canada website
home page (enter through the various rotating postings
within 'Census news') or directly from the variety of
links and feature buttons on the 2011 Census web module
home page.

Information within the web module is organized into broad
display/product categories, featuring: by topic, data
products, analytical products, reference materials and

By topic offers links to the comprehensive suite of 2011
Census standard products associated with each of the
2011 Census releases.

Data products offer language information for a wide range
of standard geographic areas, available in the Highlight
Tables, within the Topic-based tabulations, Focus on
Geography Series or in the Census Profile. Visual Census
facilitates the analysis and comparison of the changing
demographic and socio composition of selected
geographic areas across Canada through graphs and
charts. The Census Data Navigator allows the user to
navigate through Canada, provinces, territories, census
divisions and census subdivisions to obtain key data
points for each of the 2011 Census release topics
(now includes language data).

Please note that the Census Profile now contains the
dissemination area (DA) data for the families, households,
marital status, structural type of dwelling and
collectives release (from September 19, 2012 - release 3,
Catalogue no. 98-312-X2011007). The DA level of geography
data for the language release will be available on
November 21, 2012 as part of final 'cluster' release of
remaining 2011 Census standard data products.
Users can continue to access XML versions of the 2011
Census Topic-based tabulations and Census Profile from
the Treasury Boards 'Open Data Portal,' along with the
provision of the additional XML file download option
available within the census web module.

Analytical products offer links to the analytical document
(Linguistic Characteristics of Canadians) and the three
Census in Brief articles (French and the francophonie in
Canada; Immigrant languages in Canada and Aboriginal
languages in Canada). The analytical product called Focus
on Geography Series also provides data and highlights
on key topics found in the 2011 Cens us analytical
document and Census in Brief articles for various levels
of geography.

Reference materials cover various aspects of the census and
are intended to support the use of census data.
Specifically with this release, 'Reference  materials'
include an updated version of the Census Dictionary
(including a PDF version); and a language reference guide.

Geography continues to offer links to the 2011 Census
geographic products:
maps (reference maps, thematic maps - now include data for
this release, GeoSearch - now updated with language data);
reference documents (Catalogue, Illustrated Glossary,
Reference guides, Interim List of Changes, Working papers);
Spatial information products (Road Network File,
Boundary files) and Attribute information products
(GeoSuite, Geographic Attribute File, Correspondence

The 2011 Census web module home page also promotes/presents:

. Direct access to the updated Census Profile for major
cities in each province and territory.

. 'Did you know...' highlights for the release (based
on the analytical document).

. Summary table presenting some key data indicators
associated with this release (right-hand side bar).

. Feature buttons for direct links to some key products,
along with a promotional link to the upcoming 'Chat
with an expert' live chat session scheduled for October
26, 2012 (11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Ottawa time).

. Video centre - contains links to the brief national
portrait video for this release along with previous
2011 Census releases.

. 'Stay connected' - links to Statistics Canada's
social media initiatives,  including the updated
mobile version of the Census Profile.

We hope this information will help you through
today's release of the 2011 Census language

Thank you.

October 03, 2012

Early Canadiana Online - Update

New on Early Canadiana Online (October 2012)
Some 1,200 magazine issues and close to 100 books have found a new home on ECO during the past 6 weeks. Recent additions include:
Several books relating to the First World War, including the government publicationOne Week’s Budget for a family of five, (outlining what the Canadian family should be eating/cooking to help conserve food for the war effort) and the striking  Art & War, Canadian War memorialsThis later book encompasses a collection of paintings meant to provide future generations with “... a complete pictorial record of [Canada’s] sacrifices and achievements ...” Included in the 56, often poignant, illustrations, are paintings by Group of Sevens artists A.Y. Jackson and Frederick Varley. Also of interest may be the publication, Women in the productions of munitions in Canada, which illustrates some of the roles women played during wartime, as they joined the work force in unprecedented numbers.
An apparently short-lived magazine, The Illustrated Police News and Sporting Times, with its sometimes sensationalized reporting of crimes. The first page of the first issue(July 4th 1879) jumps right into things, declaring the previous week’s murder of one Mary Gallagher, “the most atrocious crime that Montreal has ever had committed.” Just in case that claim doesn’t draw us in, there is also a ghoulish drawing of Ms. Gallagher’s severed head accompanying the article. If you have some “colourful” ancestors in your family tree, you might find some information about them in this journal.

The TWU Library subscribes to ECO ... to access this resource click here (authentication may be required)

October 01, 2012

Five New Titles Online from The Cambridge Companions series

The Cambridge Companion to Philosophy, Religion, and Culture series

Access to these resources is made possible by a generous donation from the Trinity Western University Graduate Student Association.

The Cambridge Companion to Cricket


cover image
Publication Date: 2011
Edited by: Anthony Bateman and Jeffrey Hill
Few other team sports can equal the global reach of cricket. Rich in history and tradition, it is both quintessentially English and expansively international, a game that has evolved and changed dramatically in recent times. Demonstrating how the history of cricket and its international popularity is entwined with British imperial expansion, this book examines the social and political impact of the game in a variety of cultural sites: the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. An international team of contributors explores the enduring influence of cricket on English identity, examines why cricket has seized the imagination of so many literary figures and provides profiles of iconic players including Bradman, Lara and Tendulkar. Presenting a global panoramic view of cricket's complicated development, its unique adaptability and its political and sporting controversies, the book provides a rich insight into a unique sporting and cultural heritage.
Click here to view title online (with proper authentication)

The Cambridge Companion to Abraham Lincoln


cover image
Publication Date: 2012
Edited by: Shirley Samuels
Abraham Lincoln's stature as an American cultural figure grows from his political legacy. In today's milieu, the speeches he delivered as the sixteenth president of the United States have become synonymous with American progress, values and exceptionalism. But what makes Lincoln's language so effective? Highlighting matters of style, affect, nationalism and history in nineteenth-century America, this collection examines the rhetorical power of Lincoln's prose “ from the earliest legal decisions, stump speeches, anecdotes and letters, to the Gettysburg Address and the lingering power of the Second Inaugural Address. Through careful analysis of his correspondence with Civil War generals and his early poetry, the contributors, all literary and cultural critics, give readers a unique look into Lincoln's private life. Such a collection enables teachers, students, and readers of American history to assess the impact of this extraordinary writer €“ and rare politician “ on the world's stage.
Click here to view title online (with proper authentication)

The Cambridge Companion to Oakeshott


cover image
Publication Date: 2012
Edited by: Efraim Podoksik
Michael Oakeshott (1901–1990) was one of the leading British philosophers of the twentieth century. He has been influential particularly as a political philosopher, but his work reflects a range of philosophical interests that have more gradually come to be appreciated. In this volume a broad group of scholars offers a comprehensive overview of Oakeshott's philosophy, including his moral and political philosophy, his philosophy of history, science and aesthetics, and his views on the role of education. They analyse Oakeshott's ideas in different intellectual contexts and assess his overall contribution to twentieth-century thought. Accessible and rich with new scholarly material, this volume will be an excellent guide for students and scholars alike.
Click here to view title online (with proper authentication)

The Cambridge Companion to Black Theology


cover image
Publication Date: 2012
Edited by: Dwight N. Hopkins and Edward Antonio
This volume discusses normative theological categories from a black perspective and argues that there is no major Christian doctrine on which black theology has not commented. Part One explores introductory questions such as: what have been the historical and social factors fostering a black theology, and what are some of the internal factors key to its growth? Part Two examines major doctrines which have been important for black theology in terms of clarifying key intellectual foci common to the study of religion. The final part discusses black theology as a world-wide development constituted by interdisciplinary approaches. The volume has an important role in bringing Christian thought into confrontation with one of the central challenges of modernity, namely the problem of race and racism. This Companion puts theological themes in conversation with issues of ethnicity, gender, social analysis, politics and class and is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students.
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The Cambridge Companion to New Religious Movements


cover image
Publication Date: 2012
Edited by: Olav Hammer and Mikael Rothstein
New religions emerge as distinct entities in the religious landscape when innovations are introduced by a charismatic leader or a schismatic group leaves its parent organization. New religious movements (NRMs) often present novel doctrines and advocate unfamiliar modes of behavior, and have therefore often been perceived as controversial. NRMs have, however, in recent years come to be treated in the same way as established religions, that is, as complex cultural phenomena involving myths, rituals and canonical texts. This Companion discusses key features of NRMs from a systematic, comparative perspective, summarizing results of forty years of research. The volume addresses NRMs that have caught media attention, including movements such as Scientology, New Age, the Neopagans, the Sai Baba movement and Jihadist movements active in a post-9/11 context. An essential resource for students of religious studies, the history of religion, sociology, anthropology and the psychology of religion.
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