July 24, 2012

At Libraries, Quiet Makes a Comeback

In an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education posted in Academica's Top Ten - Mon July 23, 2012 we hear that quiet is making a comeback at campus libraries. Library quiet is making a comeback on college campuses in part because students themselves are asking for it; they are often the first to bring up noise issues in the library, to ask for more quiet spots, and to police those spaces themselves. At Huntingdon College's library, the most popular room is not a fully wired collaborative space but a small room designed to look like an old-fashioned study. The library has a special role to play in helping students find calm, says an official with Georgia State University's library. "There's a lot of hustle and bustle," he says. "Sometimes students just need to go somewhere and decompress. They need to go somewhere and think. We may be the only place on campus that can provide that."

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