April 02, 2012

OED (Oxford English Dictionary) update

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Latest online update: March 2012

In the March update we revise some 'linguistic colossi’, including time (with 607 terms in 110 entries), blood (with 440 lexical items in 106 entries), and gas (with 363 lexical items in 130 entries).
The latest revision also sees updates to modes of transport, which are significant indicators of social and lexical change, along with other subjects including health, education, and business.
Read more about the revisions in the March update from the Chief Editor of the OED, John Simpson.
Take a closer look at some of the new words and senses added to the OED, from dataveillance and geotagging to soz and bouffy.
The OED publishes four updates a year. The next update will be added to the dictionary in June 2012.
In December 2010 the OED online relaunched with new functionality and the addition of the Historical Thesaurus of the OED. Read about the featured changes.

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