February 22, 2012

New Cambridge Companions Online Title Added

One title has been added to the Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture bringing the total number of volumes to 160.

The Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics. 2nd ed. Edited by Robin Gill.


 In this second edition of the best-selling Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics, Robin Gill brings together twenty essays by leading experts, to provide a comprehensive introduction to Christian ethics which is both authoritative and up to date. This volume boasts four entirely new chapters, while previous chapters and all bibliographies have been updated to reflect significant developments in the field over the last decade. Gill offers a superb overview of the subject, examining the scriptural bases of ethics as well as discussing Christian ethics in the context of contemporary issues, including war and the arms trade, social justice, ecology, economics, medicine and genetics. All of the contributors have a proven track record of balanced, comprehensive and comprehensible writing making this book an accessible and invaluable source not only for students in upper-level undergraduate courses, graduate students and teachers, but anyone interested in Christian ethics today.

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 Table of Contents: Part I. The Grounds of Christian Ethics: 1. Making moral decisions / Rowan Williams -- 2. Moral traditions in eastern and western Christianity / Robin W. Lovin -- 3. The Old Testament and Christian ethics / John Rogerson -- 4. The Gospels and Christian ethics / Allen Verhey -- 5. The epistles and Christian ethics / Stephen C. Barton -- Part II. Approaches to Christian Ethics: 6. Natural law and Christian ethics / Stephen J. Pope -- 7. Virtue ethics / Jean Porter -- 8. Gender and Christian ethics / Lisa Sowle Cahill -- 9. Liberation ethics / Tim Gorringe -- 10. Christian ethics in Asia / Peniel Rajkumar -- 11. Christian ethics: a Jewish perspective / Ronald M. Green -- 12. Other faiths and Christian ethics / Gavin D'Costa -- Part III. Issues in Christian Ethics: 13. Christianity and war / R. John Elford -- 14. The arms trade and Christian ethics / Robin Gill -- 15. Social justice and welfare / Duncan B. Forrester -- 16. Ecology and Christian ethics / Michael S. Northcott -- 17. Business, economics and Christian ethics / Max L. Stackhouse with David W. Miller -- 18. World family trends / Don Browning -- 19. Sexuality and religious ethics / Robin Gill -- 20. Christian ethics, medicine, and genetics / James F. Childress.

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