December 08, 2011

Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection: New Titles and New Edition


The Oxford Reader's Companion to George Eliot (1st ed.) / edited by John Rignall.

Under the editorial guidance of John Rignall, over 50 literary scholars from a variety of backgrounds offer here the latest thinking and expertise on George Eliot, providing a rich diversity of information and critical insight into her fiction and its contexts, invaluable for both students and general readers.

George Eliot was not only a great novelist but an important journalist and translator too, and her intellectual interests ranged far beyond literature and across many different cultures The challenge faced by the compilers of this Companion was to do justice to the extraordinary range and depth of her intellectual life and creative work. The result is the most comprehensive guide to the life and work of George Eliot ever written.
The Oxford Reader's Companion to Hardy (1st ed.) / edited by Norman Page.

Over 300 entries

Norman Page, with the help of his team of expert contributors, presents here in one volume a unique synthesis of understanding and insight into the life and works of Thomas Hardy. By incorporating different national interests and traditions of scholarship, The Oxford Reader's Companion to Hardy gives the assurance of sound knowledge, which is indispensible for students and general lovers of Hardy's work.

Interest in the writing of Thomas Hardy never seems to falter, not just in scholarly circles but also among readers of Victorian fiction. Hardy was a prolific writer of both prose and poetry, he started writing in his teens and continued literally until the day of his death. His work is valued not only in terms of literature, but also in terms of the history, sociology, philosophy, folklore, and religion of his times.
A Dictionary of Abbreviations (1st ed.) / Burt Vance.

Over 100,000 abbreviations and acronyms

This online-only Dictionary of Abbreviations, exclusive to Oxford Reference Online, includes over 100,000 abbreviations and acronyms in alphabetical and numerical order, including the world's airports, airlines, currencies, astronomical signs and symbols, atomic numbers, and stocks codes, as well as computer, country, financial, medical, military, police, publishing, railway, scientific, technical, transportation, and United Nations abbreviations and acronyms, not to mention European food additive numbers!

Burt Vance is domiciled in Ireland and is a retired executive in the transportation sector, as well as having been an executive in multinational corporations in various countries worldwide.
The The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature (3rd ed.) / edited by M. C. Howatson.

Over 3,100 entries

The third edition of The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature is the complete and authoritative reference guide to the classical world and its literary heritage. It not only presents the reader with all the essential facts about the authors, tales, and characters from ancient myth and literature, but it also places these details in the wider contexts of the history and society of the Greek and Roman worlds. With an extensive web of cross-references and a useful chronological table and location maps (all of which have been brought fully up to date), this volume traces the development of literary forms and the classical allusions which have become embedded in our Western culture.

Extensively revised and updated since the second edition was published in 1989, the Companion acknowledges changes in the focus of scholarship over the last twenty years, through the incorporation of a far larger number of thematic entries such as medicine, friendship, science, freedom (concept of), and sexuality. These topical entries provide an excellent starting point to the exploration of their subjects in classical literature; after all, for many aspects of classical society the literature we have inherited is the primary (and sometimes the only) source material. Additions and changes have been made taking into account the advice of teachers and lecturers in Classics, ensuring that current educational needs are catered for.

In addition to newly covered topics, the Companion still plays to its traditional strengths, with extensive biographies of classical literary figures from Aeschylus to Zeno; entries on a multitude of literary styles from biography and rhetoric to lyric poetry and epic, encompassing everything in between; and character entries and plot summaries for the major figures and myths in the classical canon. It is the ideal guide for students in Classics, and for all who are passionate about the vast and varied literary tradition bequeathed to us from the classical world.

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