August 02, 2011

Take a Sneak Preview of Alloway Library’s new eLibrary catalogue today!

Alloway Library’s new Symphony operating system provides a whole new interface designed to meet users’ needs wherever they are -- in or out of the library -- and includes a user-friendly and powerful discovery portal known as eLibrary

For a limited time, until August 11, on-campus users have an exclusive opportunity to look at eLibrary and explore some of the great new features such as:
  • Easy-to-use search, with full-text and unlimited index searching
  • Online solutions allowing you to manage your library account, place holds, order books for delivery, or submit interlibrary loan, purchase or other requests. (Data displayed in your account is NOT current Interactive tools and account management features are NOT active during the sneak preview.)
  • Enhanced content results that provide more than just a call number. Now, you’ll get everything from book cover images and reviews to a look inside.
  • Flexible hold policies, with the ability to create and better manage your library holds.
  • New navigation tools that make it easier to move through lists of search results.

Because Symphony is a completely customizable and configurable platform, watch for changes in eLibrary features and appearance as library staff work to refine it into a tool that best meets the needs of our users.  A mobile eLibrary app is expected to be launched later this year.

This eLibrary sneak preview is a great opportunity to become familiar with the new interface expected to be launched on August 18, 2011. Please note that the sneak preview of Alloway Library’s eLibrary is not a “live” version. That means that information such as item due dates or your account may not be up-to-date.  Interactive tools such as Holds, Requests and Renewals done in eLibrary will be ignored as well as address corrections and emails sent from eLibrary. 

Ready?  Click here for your exclusive on-campus preview of Alloway Library’s eLibrary!

For more information, please contact Circulation Coordinator Shawn Brouwer

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