June 06, 2011

Why not AskAway?

AskAway online reference service is too good to ignore-- especially if you need research help this summer!

Some of the latest feedback from Post-secondary AskAway users:
It is a great service! I have used it once before, I find that sometimes it can take a long time to find material on my own and this way I save tons of time and I know the info is accurate! Please don't take it away!! ;) [Vancouver Community College learner]

Thanks so much for being on the other end to answer my questions, I feel so much less dumb online then in person. [Vancouver Island University learner]

Askaway was really helpful. I was so impressed when the e-book the librarian recommended suddenly appeared on my screen. Great service. [University of the Fraser Valley learner]

[Librarian’s name] was a great resource, helping to find the book I was searching for and doing it with humour--she taught me a new way of searching too! Great service. [UBC faculty member]

The AskAway feature was great, I will be using it again in the future! [Yukon College learner]

AskAway is just one of many Alloway Library services that let you ask a librarian for research help

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