June 23, 2011

On This Day in TWU's History...Four wise men

June 23, fifty years ago today, at the annual Evangelical Free Church of America conference at Green Lake, Wisconsin, four men were elected to administrative posts at the unnamed Canada College-to-be:
  • President: Calvin B. Hanson
  • Dean and Registrar: Enoch Mattson
  • Dean of Students: Leland Asa
  • Vice President for Business Administration: Perry Havens

Left image:President Calvin B. Hanson with Registrar Enoch E. Mattson. 1961
Right image: Leland Asa loading up another faculty member with books
in the Vernon Strombeck Library.ca. 1960's

Perry Havens manning a promotional booth for TJC. ca. 1960's

 Hanson a pastor and former missionary to Japan who had returned home due to a family emergency, and was working towards completing his PhD. He later wrote:
One day Arnold T. Olson, President of the EFCA, telephoned me to ask me to confer with him at headquarters. I had not the faintest idea what he wanted…
I had barely seated myself in his office when he began to fill me in on the plans for founding a college in British Columbia… I could have fallen off my chair when he said that I was being approached for the position of president!… The overwhelming reaction which swept over me was, “Why me, Lord?”…
Eventually I would conclude that under the circumstances had they approached a man with the right kind of experience and credentials he would have known better than to accept. Only a missionary would be crazy enough to try!…

Images courtesy of TWU Archives
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