June 01, 2011

On This Day in TWU's History...an idea

June 1, 1956.

Minutes of the Evangelical Free Church of America's General Board meeting, held in Winona Lake, Indiana, record the earliest reference to the idea of a school in Canada. In the late 1950's Carl Fosmark became an instrumental figure in establishing the school. Here, he tells how the idea of a school germinated following the Winona Lake meeting.

While I was on that committee, one of the things that we had to decide was, what kind of school are we talking about, or should we be talking about? Well you know one of those sessions, one of those trips out here I was all steamed up over the fact that I was going to try to convince our committee that we should establish a college and not some Bible school. See, there were other Bible schools; one in – Caronport and one in Three Hills and, and so on...

Carl Fosmark.Image from TWU Achives
I had come home from our conference, I think in Winona Lake, and I stopped off at a certain service station in Saskatchewan , and met a young fellow getting his car greased … and I knew him.  He says, “I hear that you folks are going to start a school in, in, Canada.” 
"Well," I said, “we’re talking about it.” 
And so he says, “Well I hope, I hope it will be a college, a Christian college.” 
And then he said that there was a young fellow here who went off to Saskatoon to the new university there to continue his education and, he wasn’t there very many months before he lost his faith completely.

And so he says, that I could see the need of a Christian college. That’s how I got all steamed up over this idea, we got to have a college, no need to fool around with anything else, and you know that’s just what, what happened.

I was glad that I at least could have that much to say on that committee…
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