June 23, 2011

On This Day in TWU's History...Four wise men

June 23, fifty years ago today, at the annual Evangelical Free Church of America conference at Green Lake, Wisconsin, four men were elected to administrative posts at the unnamed Canada College-to-be:
  • President: Calvin B. Hanson
  • Dean and Registrar: Enoch Mattson
  • Dean of Students: Leland Asa
  • Vice President for Business Administration: Perry Havens

Left image:President Calvin B. Hanson with Registrar Enoch E. Mattson. 1961
Right image: Leland Asa loading up another faculty member with books
in the Vernon Strombeck Library.ca. 1960's

Perry Havens manning a promotional booth for TJC. ca. 1960's

 Hanson a pastor and former missionary to Japan who had returned home due to a family emergency, and was working towards completing his PhD. He later wrote:
One day Arnold T. Olson, President of the EFCA, telephoned me to ask me to confer with him at headquarters. I had not the faintest idea what he wanted…
I had barely seated myself in his office when he began to fill me in on the plans for founding a college in British Columbia… I could have fallen off my chair when he said that I was being approached for the position of president!… The overwhelming reaction which swept over me was, “Why me, Lord?”…
Eventually I would conclude that under the circumstances had they approached a man with the right kind of experience and credentials he would have known better than to accept. Only a missionary would be crazy enough to try!…

Images courtesy of TWU Archives
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June 06, 2011

Hockey changes everything

In a show of support for the Vancouver Canucks, Fraser Valley Regional Library has renamed its branch in Boston Bar. In fact, the whole town, perched in the Fraser Canyon, has dropped the the "B" word to become "Vancouver Bar."

We've read elsewhere that "Boston Cream" donuts are no longer available at Tim Horton's and Boston Pizza has renamed it's BC restaurants for the duration of the Stanley Cup final series.


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It is a great service! I have used it once before, I find that sometimes it can take a long time to find material on my own and this way I save tons of time and I know the info is accurate! Please don't take it away!! ;) [Vancouver Community College learner]

Thanks so much for being on the other end to answer my questions, I feel so much less dumb online then in person. [Vancouver Island University learner]

Askaway was really helpful. I was so impressed when the e-book the librarian recommended suddenly appeared on my screen. Great service. [University of the Fraser Valley learner]

[Librarian’s name] was a great resource, helping to find the book I was searching for and doing it with humour--she taught me a new way of searching too! Great service. [UBC faculty member]

The AskAway feature was great, I will be using it again in the future! [Yukon College learner]

AskAway is just one of many Alloway Library services that let you ask a librarian for research help

June 05, 2011

The future of the library/ the library of the future

Seth Godin postulates in a recent blog posting
What is a public library for?

Before Gutenberg...The library as warehouse for books worth sharing.

After Gutenberg...we definitely needed a warehouse to store all this bounty, and more than ever we needed a librarian to help us find what we needed. The library is a house for the librarian.
Post-Gutenberg...the library is no longer a warehouse for dead books.

The next library is a place, still. A place where people come together to do co-working and coordinate and invent projects worth working on together. Aided by a librarian ... who can bring domain knowledge and people knowledge and access to information to bear.

There are one thousand things that could be done in a place like this, all built around one mission: take the world of data, combine it with the people in this community and create value.
We need librarians more than we ever did. What we don't need are mere clerks who guard dead paper. Librarians are too important to be a dwindling voice in our culture. For the right librarian, this is the chance of a lifetime.

Read the full article here

June 04, 2011

Askaway this summer

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June 03, 2011

June 02, 2011

How to read

 Just a snippet from a thought-provoking post sent to us:
How can we become active readers in the midst of the frantic pace of our lives?  It is tempting to view the act of sitting down with a book – much less many books – as a luxury, afforded those with unique schedules or privileged positions in life.  In truth, it’s available to us all.  It’s simply a matter of choice.

One choice in particular.

I once heard Jim Collins, known to many as the author of bestselling business titles, comment that we do not need to make more “to do” lists, but rather a few “stop doing” lists.  I know that in my life, the great opposition to reading is what I allow to fill my time instead of reading.  To say we have no time to read is not really true; we have simply chosen to use our time for other things, or have allowed our time to be filled to the exclusion of reading.

So don’t add “reading” to your “to do” list.  Just stop doing the things that keep you from doing it.

But read.

And particularly the great books. 
 Read the full post by James Emery White at CrossWalk.com here

June 01, 2011

Postal strike will impact InterLibrary Loans

A strike at Canada Post will affect Alloway Library's Interlibrary Loans services and our researchers' access to some resources.  

If a strike occurs, ILL books will not be available because our library partners use Canada Post for  sending books.  Courier services are considerably more expensive and so, ILL libraries are adopting policies that will use  commercial couriers only when absolutely necessary.

ILL periodical articles are usually sent electronically and so this service will continue as usual. 

TWU students and employees have access to nearly all of BC's post secondary school libraries through Alloway Library's participation in reciprocal agreements.  With valid TWU ID,  users can visit the libraries at UBC, SFU or other regional colleges and universities to access resources needed during the strike -or anytime!
If the strike is prolonged, ILL staff will reassess the situation to find ways to provide resources to our users.

Contact ILL for more information

On This Day in TWU's History...an idea

June 1, 1956.

Minutes of the Evangelical Free Church of America's General Board meeting, held in Winona Lake, Indiana, record the earliest reference to the idea of a school in Canada. In the late 1950's Carl Fosmark became an instrumental figure in establishing the school. Here, he tells how the idea of a school germinated following the Winona Lake meeting.

While I was on that committee, one of the things that we had to decide was, what kind of school are we talking about, or should we be talking about? Well you know one of those sessions, one of those trips out here I was all steamed up over the fact that I was going to try to convince our committee that we should establish a college and not some Bible school. See, there were other Bible schools; one in – Caronport and one in Three Hills and, and so on...

Carl Fosmark.Image from TWU Achives
I had come home from our conference, I think in Winona Lake, and I stopped off at a certain service station in Saskatchewan , and met a young fellow getting his car greased … and I knew him.  He says, “I hear that you folks are going to start a school in, in, Canada.” 
"Well," I said, “we’re talking about it.” 
And so he says, “Well I hope, I hope it will be a college, a Christian college.” 
And then he said that there was a young fellow here who went off to Saskatoon to the new university there to continue his education and, he wasn’t there very many months before he lost his faith completely.

And so he says, that I could see the need of a Christian college. That’s how I got all steamed up over this idea, we got to have a college, no need to fool around with anything else, and you know that’s just what, what happened.

I was glad that I at least could have that much to say on that committee…
Read and hear Fosmark's history here