May 31, 2011

Socrates gets a companion

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Thanks to continued support from the TWU Graduate Students' Association, another Cambridge Companion has been added to Alloway Library's collection.

The Cambridge Companion to Socrates is a collection of essays providing a comprehensive guide to Socrates, the most famous Greek philosopher. Because Socrates himself wrote nothing, our evidence comes from the writings of his friends (above all Plato), his enemies, and later writers. Socrates is thus a literary figure as well as a historical person. Both aspects of Socrates' legacy are covered in this volume. Socrates' character is full of paradox, and so are his philosophical views. These paradoxes have led to deep differences in scholars' interpretations of Socrates and his thought. Mirroring this wide range of thought about Socrates, this volume's contributors are unusually diverse in their background and perspective. The essays in this volume were authored by classical philologists, philosophers and historians from Germany, Francophone Canada, Britain and the United States, and they represent a range of interpretive and philosophical traditions.
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May 30, 2011

Alloway Library joins Symphony

PROVO, UTAH – SirsiDynix, the world's leading provider of library technology solutions, celebrates the growing community of libraries using the SirsiDynix Symphony integrated library system for their library automation. This spring, Trinity Western University's Norma Marion Alloway Library began the upgrade of their system to the Symphony ILS along with 17 other libraries around the globe.

"This is a good news story!" says University Librarian Ted Goshulak. "Something to celebrate at this time of year."Alloway Library plans to go live with the new system in mid-August of this year; in the meantime library staff are working with SirsiDynix technicians to implement the behind-the-scenes work required to launch the new eLibrary interface for public use as well as the staff client software.
"It truly is a miracle that the new system is finally becoming a reality, " notes Shirley Lee, Alloway Library's Project Coordinator. "The change could inspire fear and relief at the same time for those of us who have come to know the current Horizon operating system. Thankfully we will not be going through this transition on our own, she adds. "We will have dedicated support from SirsiDynix and our own IT department."
Goshulak notes that "SirsiDynix hopes to use our library, in the BC context, to stimulate other Horizon libraries to migrate to Symphony as well." Currently, the libraries at Vancouver Island University, Kwantlen Polytechnic and University of the Fraser Valley run the Symphony library system.
"We are honored to support our customers with the SirsiDynix Symphony technology, and are proud to provide state-of-the-art, economical solutions to help libraries provide the most efficient and advanced service to their communities," said Matthew Hawkins, SirsiDynix chief executive officer. "In a year of significant development at SirsiDynix, we look forward to serving and delighting these customers with an ever-improving suite of advanced library technology tools."

Other SirsiDynix customers upgrading to the SirsiDynix Symphony ILS this spring include:
Prince Edward Island Provincial Library
Institute of Ismaili Studies
Bibliothèque Inter-Universitaire Pierre et Marie Curie-Jussieu
Consortium of Scientific Libraries in Lodz
Cape Girardeau Public Library
Clarington Public Library
Ramapo Catskill Library System

Additionally, SirsiDynix welcomedto its customer circle:
Tthe National Taichung Institute of Technology
Victorian Government Library Service
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María,
King Abdulaziz Medical City,
Aga Khan University,
Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies,
Imam Malik College for Islamic Sharia & Law,
Northern Border University
The Lebanese Parliament

About SirsiDynix
SirsiDynix connects people with knowledge at more than 20,000 libraries around the world. Through library management technology and search and discovery tools, libraries using SirsiDynix technology bring relevant resources and the power of knowledge to their users and communities. SirsiDynix technology is architected to be open, scalable and robust, offering a complete solution out-of-the-box, and unparalleled flexibility through APIs and web services. Complemented by the most experienced training, consulting and support staff in the industry, SirsiDynix helps libraries create tomorrow's libraries, today.

May 27, 2011

Zombie fighters' guide to the library

Apparently there's a zombie problem in Kansas.

The folks  McPherson College's Miller Library, created a Zombie Guide to the Miller Library and its Resources featuring both the living dead and library tutorials. It's fun, unique, and educational!

May 26, 2011

Summer evenings at Alloway Library

Thomas Hunt
In order to better meet our users’ needs, Alloway Library has added over 80 hours to its summer schedule.
Now, in addition to our core summer hours of 8-4:30 weekdays, the library will be open until 8PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays until August 31. Alloway Library is also open Saturdays from 10-4 until June 26.

For more information visit

On This Day in TWU's History...a favoured site

May 26, 1959

The Seal Kap Farm site is first mentioned in the minutes of the School for Canada Committee in May, 1959: “… the Committee went on record as favoring … the first site (the dairy farm north of Milner on Glover Rd. in Municipality of Langley …)
Photograph of Seal Kap Farm before the land was purchased for the establishment of Trinity Junior College. The picture is taken from the southeast, and shows the main farm house near the centre of the photograph, and Glover Road in the background. 

Image from TWU Archives

May 25, 2011

What to expect from the new Harper government

Prior to the election the Canadian Library Association compiled a list of campaign promises from the various political parties. Here is a brief summary of key highlights and direct excerpts from the Conservative Party of Canada.
A re-elected Conservative Government will reintroduce and pass the Copyright Modernization Act, a key pillar in the party’s commitment to make Canada a leader in the global digital economy.

In spring 2011, the Conservatives will announce and begin implementing a Digital Economy Strategy, focused on the following five priorities:
Building world-class digital infrastructure;
Encouraging businesses to adopt digital technologies;
Supporting digital skills development;
Fostering the growth of Canadian companies supplying digital technologies to global markets; and
Creating made-in-Canada content across all platforms, to bring Canada to the world. 

We hope too that Merv Tweed's Library Materials bill will be once again reintroduce and finally be passed into law.

The NDP, now the official opposition, stated prior to the election that they are committed to ensuring that all Canadians have access to broadband and a robust digital economy. If elected, an NDP Government would:
  • Apply the proceeds from the advanced wireless spectrum auction to ensure all Canadians, no matter where they live, will have quality high-speed broadband internet access;
  • Expect the major internet carriers to contribute financially to this goal;
  • Rescind the 2006 Conservative industry-oriented directive to the CRTC and direct the regulator to stand up for the public interest, not just the major telecommunications companies;
  • Enshrine "net neutrality" in law, end price gouging and "net throttling," with clear rules for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), enforced by the CRTC;
  • Prohibit all forms of usage-based billing (UBB) by Internet Service Providers (ISPs); and
  • Introduce a bill on copyright reform to ensure that Canada complies with its international treaty obligations, while balancing consumers’ and creators’ rights.
The platform also highlights, under the banner of investing in Canada’s shared cultural heritage, that the NDP will develop a digital on-line culture service to broaden access to Canadian content.
 Will promises be fulfilled? Both parties acknowledge the need for copyright reform but clearly differ on priorities and values.

May 24, 2011

Books everyone should read

Looking for summer reading suggestions?
Alloway Library's summer book display has over 200 "books that everyone should read" based on this infographic and the raw data behind it.

The list from is the culmination of of over 15 notable book polls, readers' surveys and top 100 lists including both popular and high-brow sources such as Pulitzer Prize winners, Oprah’s Bookclub list, and The Guardian’s Top 100 Books of All Time. A simple frequency analysis on the gathered titles gave them a neat ‘consensus cloud’ visualisation of the most mentioned books titles across the polls.

Alloway Library's display contains over 200 titles including nearly all the top 100 in the consensus cloud supplemented with plenty of other titles that were listed in the various recommendations. The titles range from classics of world literature, children's literature and contemporary works. We threw in a few video and audiobook versions of the "should read" titles too. Contact me for a full list with call numbers or stop by the library  to borrow and book or movie from the display on the main level.

May 20, 2011

Philosopher's Index change

Earlier this month the platform for The Philosopher’s Index changed to EBSCOhost. Same content, different interface.

The Philosopher's Index provides indexing and abstracts from books and journals of philosophy and related fields. It covers the areas of ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy, political philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysic logic as well as material on the philosophy of law, religion, science, history, education, and language.

The Index is a bibliographic database with informative, author-written abstracts covering scholarly research in all areas of philosophy. The literature covered goes back to 1940 and includes journal articles, books, book chapters such as contributions to an anthology, and book reviews.

The Philosopher's Index monitors over 550 journals from more than 40 countries. Extensive indexing includes personal and proper names along with subject terms; there is also the capability to search for the authors of book reviews.

May 13, 2011

On This Day in TWU's History... graduates

May 13, 1963 Trinity Junior College's first four graduates stood on the platform of Hanson Chapel to receive their college diplomas eight months after classes began.

May 03, 2011

On This Day in TWU History...School's out!

May 3 1963 was the last day of classes for the first class of Trinity Junior College. Classes for 17-member cohort started on January 2 of that year.  This year, classes ran from January 10 to April 12. 
The first geology class - with textbooks, notebooks, a microscope, and rocks. Left to right: Morris Johnson, David Moore and George Moore

May 01, 2011

On This Day in TWU's History...Name that place

On May 1, 1961, According to  the Minutes of the meeting of the Canada School Committee of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada, held at North Surrey, BC,  Reverend Charles McGee rose  to move that “Trinity Junior College” be “adopted as the permanent name of the new Free Church college in Canada.” 
Perry Havens with a female visitor or staff member
The College project had first been proposed in 1956 and, by September 1960 the Committee held the deed of the Seal-Kap Dairy Farm, were raising funds and had secured 10 buildings from a dam construction site.