March 29, 2011

Got Poetry? We do!

Dr. Herbert Rosengarten and Dr. Amanda Goldrick-Jones, editors of The Broadview Anthology of Poetry, have recently donated their substantial collection of poetry monographs and collections  to Alloway  library. 
 Department of English professors Holly Nelson, Lynn Szabo, and Sara Pearson (pictured, l-r, holding volumes by authors in their areas of specialty) are delighted with the collection  as it will provide students with excellent  resources for their studies, as well as supporting professors’ research and teaching. 

Spanning the centuries from the sixteenth to the twenty-first, the collection includes poets from every major movement and period: from Elizabethans such as Sir Philip Sidney to the Augustan poet par excellence Alexander Pope; from William Cowper to William Blake; from John Keats and his fellow Romantic poets to the Victorians Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning and Christina Rossetti. The collection  is strongest in the area of twentieth-century and contemporary poetry, with generous coverage of British, Irish, American and Canadian writers. When the processing is complete, over five hundred books of poetry will have been added to the library’s collection. 

In 2009 Dr. Rosengarten donated a large number of books on the Brontë family, substantially strengthening that area of the library’s collection.  Alloway Library is once again thankful for his and Dr. Goldrick-Jones’ generous gift.

Story contributed by Ken Pearson

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