January 21, 2011

NRC Research Press Back Files: Now Open Access for Canadians

Ottawa, Canada – On January 1, 2011, over 100,000 back files of NRC Research Press journals became Open Access for all Canadians (with the exception of newly released Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences phase 2, 1901–1979, and Canadian Journal of Research).
Cameron Macdonald, Executive Director of Canadian Science Publishing, says this is an important step forward for NRC Research Press. “It is our commitment to Canadians that they have access to some of the finest research published. The NRC Research Press back files, dating back to 1951, cover fields ranging from botany to physics, and we are proud to offer all Canadians full Open Access to this important resource.”
 The journals to offer Open Access back files are
Alloway Library's Journal List has been updated to include links to these titles.  By offering Canadians Open Access to its back files, NRC Research Press is reinforcing its position as the leading scholarly publisher in Canada. The organization also provides publishing services to another 11 journals, including Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal and Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing.
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