January 26, 2011

Book shelving? There's an app for that

Shelved is an iPod/iPhone/iPad app for the librarian wanna-be.   The point of the game is simple: put the books in order--but any librarian will tell you that's not as simple as it sounds. As co-developer Scott Douglas says:

Shelving books may not sound very sporty, but if you have ever wondered how fast can you shelve a cart of books, then there’s now an app for that.

Last October, my wife and I began working with a developer to create a game just for librarians. The game is called “Sheleved” and it went live last week.

The game features three different modes of play based on different types of call numbers:  Library of Congress, Dewey, and Alphabetical.

It may not be the most exciting game, but if you are looking to test your library shelving staff, or even test yourself, then it’s just the game for you.

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