December 01, 2010

OED online revamped

Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dic...Image via WikipediaAlloway Library users  will be pleased to learn that Oxford University Press has completed a major update and relaunch of the Oxford English Dictionary Online today. The site features improved functionality and design, as well as a significant amount of new content, including the acclaimed Historical Thesaurus of the OED. (TWU login may be required)

Further enhancements:
  • displaying search results as a timeline, allowing you to see, for example, what influence major world events have had on the language, or when words from another language were first used in English
  • browsing the top 1000 most quoted sources, to find out which authors have had a significant influence on the way we communicate, and how they have shaped the language
  • informative and entertaining commentaries on the language written by dictionary editors and specialist authors
  • improvements to nearly 400,000 bibliographical citations
  • standardization of over one million references to quoted works, making searching simpler
  • expanded abbreviations, so you have all the information on one page
  • improved tagging of etymologies
  • Instantly search and browse by subject, region, usage, or by language of origin
  • Links at entry level to related resources including the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford Dictionaries Online, and other online resources
  • My Oxford English Dictionary feature for creating your own profile and saving entries and searches
  • User-friendly new design
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