November 23, 2010

Colour Scanner Installed

Information Technology specialist Joel Schwartz installed a scanner and workstation on Alloway Library's main level recently, adjacent to workstations 13, 14, 15
TWU student Jake Cotner points out the new colour scanner
Students can use the computer as they would any other workstation as well as use the Epson scanner attached to the workstation. To scan an object, Joel suggests that after logging in, open Photoshop and then use the “File> import” menu to scan and import an image.Other programs also have file> import menus but may not have the same image editing capabilities.
The new scanner is a good addition to the suite of resources provided at Alloway Library.The photocopy machines on all three levels of the library also have scan-to-email functions, but only produce black and white/grayscale images in PDF format.

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