November 29, 2010

Canada Post maintains current Library Book Rates.

Alloway Library News has been following the issue of the post office book rate and MP Merv Tweed's efforts to protect the discount  libraries' enjoy  for shipping interlibrary loan books, and expand the policy to include non-print items such as DVD's.  While Tweeds bill is wending its way through Parliament, Canada Post announced this week that libraries' costs for shipping inter-library loan books remains unchanged for another year.  
Canada Post recognises the importance of the Library Book Rates to Canadian libraries and will continue to support the community by maintaining the current reduced postal rates for mailing printed library materials. The Library Book Rates will remain unchanged through 2011.

There has been no increase in the Library Book Rates since January 2005, despite the fact that the inflation rate has risen by 10.9% since then. The reduced rates remain well below Canada Post’s costs to ship library books, and Canada Post receives no Government appropriation or compensation of any kind for the reduced Library Book Rates.

Canada Post is committed to continue working with the library community, through the Canadian Library Association (CLA) and the Association pour l’avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation (ASTED), to ensure that the library community’s concerns are understood and that their needs are considered in the future.
Most Alloway Library users pay a fee for inter-library loans which represents a small portion of the costs associated with this service which include shipping charges, borrowing fees as well as staff and technology costs.

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