October 25, 2010

The Wevers' Gift

John William Wevers (1919-2010) was an eminent linguist and scholar. An undisputed master of Septuagint Studies, he produced the critical edition of the whole Greek Pentateuch for the Gottingen Septuaginta Unternehmen, and made significant contributions to Classical Hebrew scholarship and Old Testament Studies. For 50 years Septuagint Studies at the University of Toronto flourished under his direction.

Rob Hiebert checks out the Wevers display at Alloway Library
When UT closed the department, Professor Wevers worked with TWU professor Rob Hiebert to donate his personal library of over 3000 volumes, including many rare works, to TWU. It is, as Wevers said, "without doubt a unique collection in all of Canada." A former student of Wevers, Hiebert is the director of TWU's Septuagint Institute, the only research center of its kind in North America.

Currently on display at Alloway Library are works by and from John Wevers which are invaluble to the researcher's study of ancient texts
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