October 27, 2010

Some trends indicated by our report card

This marks the fifth year that Trinity Western University has been included in the Globe and Mail's annual University Report ratings and, although the evaluation categories have varied from year to year, it is nevertheless possible to perceive some trends. One of the encouraging overall trends is that in spite of the fiscal challenges we have faced in recent years Alloway Library continues to enjoy the approval of our users.

Overall, satisfaction with the library has improved. Although our grade slipped from A- to B+ this year (perhaps because Satisfaction with Library Staff was dropped from the 2010 evaluation) nevertheless our GPA for the last two years is higher than for the first two years.

Our users also indicate a higher level of satisfaction with Library hours giving us a B+ after 4 years of B's and B-'s. Since the core operating hours haven't changed in five years it may be that more online services make library hours less relevant - or user's expectations have changed.

Satisfaction with Availability of Books/Articles/Periodicals remains a steady B over the past five years. This year the Report refined the results by field of study and, in this category, Education and Human Kinetics students differed from Arts, Sciences and Business majors by giving a slightly higher satisfaction grade of B+.

Finally, our letter grade for Availability of Study Space remains unchanged at A- putting us ahead of other libraries in the province and in our size category. Since the survey was conducted in the spring, we have made further improvements to library study spaces by opening up new study zones, adding more computer workstations and electrical outlets for laptops and improving access to small group study rooms.

Last year Alloway Library ranked among the top 10 libraries across Canada for Satisfaction with Library Staff. This year however the service component was not surveyed. Nevertheless, over the past year, and in the face of drastic budget cuts, Alloway Library staff worked hard to improve on our already great service by revising policies to benefit our users and including customer service training for all student assistants.

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