November 03, 2010

Library Voices makes some noise

An eight-piece Regina band has caught our attention, thanks to their intruiging name: Library Voices.
According the The Vancouver Sun:

Library Voices makes some noise
The Vancouver Sun
28 Oct 2010
Library Voices is anything but quiet. The eight-piece Regina pop ensemble has been making a racket from coast to coast since forming in 2008 with the intention of creating a big noise.

Some of the unique places they've played include actual libraries. Earlier this year, the band undertook a short tour of Saskatchewal libraries in an attempt to get people off Wikipedia and back out to where the books are.

"The phrase, 'Using your library voice,' might outlive the library itself," says guitarist-keyboardist-lyricist Michael Dawson. "Spending a couple of days in rural Saskatchewan, it was encouraging to see people coming and dropping off books or sitting in a corner reading."

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