July 08, 2010

Introducing EBook Library

In January of 1994 the library added its 100,000th bound volume to the shelves. It was a book titled Management Principles for Health. This month, another Health Sciences books marks another milestone for the library. The ebook Educating Nurses : A Call for Radical Transformation is the first item purchased from EBL which the library plans to use as a primary supplier for ebooks.

Ebooks purchased from EBL have a slightly different mode of access from other ebooks in our collection (such as NetLibrary.) With this in mind, Alloway Library's Acquisition Librarian, Shirley Lee provides some information so that faculty and students will use EBL ebooks effectively.

After finding the ebook record in the library catalogue, click on the url to access the ebook.
Users will be directed to a TWU user login page and once logged in, can view the webpage with the ebook. Readers can choose to read the book online by selecting a "loan period" of either 1 or 3 days, or download the entire book for later use.

All users from on and off campus are required to login. This authentication configuration is necessary to support download functionality, the ability for patrons to access a title as much as they want (online and off) during a loan period, and for patron privacy (notes, bookshelves, etc).

Some other ebook platforms, like NetLibrary, don’t require patrons to log-in when they first access a title, but patrons are required to have an account if they want to take notes or execute other kind of patron specific activity. With EBL, patrons can access the full EBL patron interface via their campus ID/Password, rather than an EBL specific EBL login.

Some of the key features of EBL ebooks include:
  • EBL's download feature allows patrons to download the complete volume for a loan period of 1 or 3 days as selected by the user.
  • Users are required to install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on their computers before they can download the ebook. They will be prompted to download ADE if it's not already installed on the user's computer. ADE will manage how the user uses the downloaded version to ensure copyright is respected. i.e. user can only print or copy up to a maximum number of pages from the book. ADE will advise and monitor the user against copyright restrictions. The permissions for copying and printing are the same for online and offline activity - 20% print and 5% copy and paste.
  • When users go to print, they will always see a summary of their permissions and activity. Once a user clicks on "Read Online", a timer turns on right away to track the first 10 minutes of free browsing, and the user will be made aware of the start & end of the free time. The timer turns on once the user clicks read online, making the user aware of when the free browsing time is up. When the 10 minutes is up, a pop up will appear and ask the user if he/she wants to continue reading the title.
  • An EBL help link is included with the online book
  • EBL provides a Read Aloud and Page sizing options
  • Portable devices with browser support (such as the iPhone/iPad) can also access EBL and Read Online via the web.

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