July 21, 2010

Annual Report- Highlights from the 2009-2010 Year

Library Report summarizes Alloway Library ‘s accomplishments during the 2009-2010 academic year, a period marked by cut-backs and restraint on personnel, collections, and operations. Alloway Library News presents extracts from the annual report. Read the full version.

During the summer of 2009 public workstations in Alloway Library were upgraded to provide an enhanced suite of online tools for researchers. Users gained access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power point programs, as well as SPSS (Social Science Statistics), Adobe Photoshop, and Abobe Acrobat.

Alloway Library opened the academic year with a Man Booker Awards display that featured our collection of previous award winners (1969-2008.) Author biographies and novel-based movies were an added feature of the display. The exhibit concluded October 6 with the announcement of the 2009 award winner.

Catalogue crash: during the fifteen days from September 22 to October 6, 2009 Alloway Library operated without an online public circulation catalogue or automated functions. To ensure uninterrupted service, public service staff quickly reverted to many of the manual practices used years ago. Service slowed but did not stop, and the event prompted library staff to revisit manual back-up systems to ensure services.

In The Globe and Mail’s annual University Report Card Alloway Library scored an A for Satisfaction with Library Staff. Alloway Library was unique in BC – it was the only library to receive that notable mark. Users also graded Alloway Library with A- for both Overall Library Satisfaction, and for Online Resources.

Late in November 2009 a Christmas Collection display was mounted. A variety of Christmas-themed books, DVDs, and CDs were featured. Topics included: sermons, songs, stories, crafts, customs, history, astronomy, biology, business, and psychology. St Augustine, Charles Dickens, Dr Seuss and Bing Crosby were a few of the artists and authors on display.

Also in November a natural gas-powered generator was connected to the library. The installation ensures that the computers, library servers, security system, and lighting on the main level will function during a general power failure.

After a process of assessment and debate librarians reluctantly agreed to discontinue subscriptions to several databases. Access to, Canadian Research Index, CIAO, Gale Literary Database, QP Legaleze, and eHRAF World Cultures ended in 2009-2010. Decisions were also made to cut Access Science, Canadian Reference Centre, Canadian NewsStand Pacific, CBCA Business, and seven Wilson Indexes: Applied Science & Technology, Art, Biological & Agricultural, General Science, Humanities, Readers Guide, and Social Sciences, all of which expire in the summer of 2010.

In February, 2010 Alloway Library was one of the departments selected for TWU Impact, a fundraising initiative launched by the university. The online network enabled friends of Alloway Library to contribute to building the book collection, or else to help add the JSTOR database to our suite of resources.

Alloway Library donated a collection of nursing textbooks to a nursing school in Tanzania. Transportation was facilitated by a team of TWU nursing students.

Reference Librarian Duncan Dixon received Honorable Mention in the 2010 e-HLbc Training Materials Contest Awards. The awards are presented to librarians from the post-secondary and health sectors whose training materials help users make optimal use of resources available through e-HLbc.

In March, ACTS Librarian Bill Badke presented a paper entitled: From Broker to Strategist: Notes of a Traveler in the Strange Land of Information 2.0 at LaGuardia Community College (CUNY.) He proposed a new model for integrating information literacy within university curricula.

Circulation Services introduced a policy that allows off-site users to request materials online. This is a new benefit to off-campus and off-hours researchers, who can be assured that items will be available for pick-up when they come to the library.

Sylvia Stopforth, University Archivist received grant funding from Library & Archives Canada to develop a TWU 50th Anniversary (2012) website.

Duncan Dixon and Bill Badke taught ten classes on Research Methods for the Communications 110 class. Alloway Librarians provided many other Orientation, Information Literacy, and Research Methods sessions for various faculties and departments (Business, Education, ESLI, Biology, Nursing, Environmental Studies, and Religious Studies.)

Librarians and staff attended professional meetings, workshops & conferences including: Archives Association of BC Grants Committee; AABC Workshop on Rules for Description; AABC Conference on Management of Digital Records; Ottawa Conference on Electronic Theses & Dissertations; Media Exchange Cooperative; COPPUL; CPSLD; ELN; e-HLbc. They also served
on campus committees: TWU Occupational Health & Safety; ELLEC; and TEAC.

More from the Report in our next post.

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