May 27, 2010

RefWorks Users Now Have Lifelong Access.

As announced earlier in the year RefWorks has made its Alumni Program a standard feature for TWU and more than 1,200 other universities currently subscribing to RefWorks. This means that any current or past TWU and ACTS student can continue to use or begin to use the service for as long as that Alloway Library subscribes to the service.

Researchers at all levels, from undergraduates to post-doctorates, use RefWorks to gather and manage research information. Over the course of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies, they build significant personal research databases that prove valuable in their future professional and academic endeavors. The Alumni Program allows them to continue to use their personal research databases, store and share all types of information, generate bibliographies, and use all the other beneficial features of RefWorks.

Since it was launched in 2002, RefWorks has had millions of users, many undergraduate and graduate students who have depended upon RefWorks for four or more years. “We want the students and researchers that have depended on RefWorks to know that they can continue to count on it, no matter where their careers take them,” notes Colleen Stempien, Executive Director of Operations for RefWorks-COS. “And we want the universities who have subscribed to RefWorks to be able to offer their students and alumni continued access to this valuable research management tool. ”

For more information about this valuable tool view the RefWorks page at, or talk to an Alloway Librarian

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