May 28, 2010

Leno's Library Slam Bombs

Talk-show host Jay Leno bombed when he joked about Los Angeles' plans to drastically cut the city's library budget.

"People here in Los Angeles are upset that the mayor's proposed plan to cut the budget of libraries, " stated Leno, "This could affect as many as nine people."

According to Matthew Fleischer, Leno got no laughs with the crowd and he definitely got no laughs with LA City Librarian Martin Gomez, who penned an angry letter to "The Tonight Show." "Despite what you may think, these cuts are no laughing matter to the 17 million people who use the city's libraries each year" wrote Gomez.

The joke is especially unfunny, as news broke that library hours will be reduced to save the city cash.

View Leno's monologue and the LA librarian's response to it here

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david said...

Actually, the crowd did laugh... and clapped too.