October 08, 2009

October is Canadian Library Month

This month, libraries across the country celebrate Canadian Library Month. This year’s theme of Your Library: Your World supports the important role that libraries play in our lives.

There are approximately 23,000 librarians and library clerks working in over 22,000 libraries in Canada. Libraries are key partners in supporting literacy and are leaders in providing access to information to all users regardless of age, gender, race, religion, social status, language or location.

College and university libraries are vital to learners, faculty and researchers. Academic library professionals provide expert reference assistance at point of need, whether in-person, through online chat or other electronic means and work cooperatively with faculty to assist students in developing the information literacy skills critical to success.
  • Over 6,500 academic library employees in Canada contribute to the overall vitality of college and university education in Canada.
  • Universities perform more than 1/3 of all research in Canada with the support of extensive library collections of 120 million items to meet research needs.
Libraries are centres for life-long learning and directly impact the lives of Canadians each and every day. They are information and community centres where people learn, engage, discover and connect. Libraries are where students learn critical thinking and literacy skills, businesses research the marketplace, readers pick up the latest bestsellers, and children are supported in their love of reading.

Now more than ever, libraries are helping people find their way in a large and increasingly
complex world by connecting them with employment resources, providing them with access to
an affordable means of entertainment, and assisting them in acquiring skills that will allow them
to compete in the current economy.

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