September 29, 2009

During our system down time

It’s still possible to use Alloway Library resources while technicians continue to restore our system after a major hardware failure. Librarians are able to assist all patrons to find the resources they need and material can be checked out as always. To renew material contact the circulation staff. Visit our contacts page if you need further assistance.

University Librarian Ted Goshulak states "I know that this whole experience is taxing on all of us." As TWU Information Technology staff work to bring the library's database back online Library staff are evaluating the ongoing situation in order to make recommendations to key decision makers about the very real and widespread impact that loss of library services can have on key stakeholders including students, faculty, library staff, and other library users on and off campus.

As to the big question of when will we be back online, the best guess is still "days."

Before computers, we relied on the card catalogue. Photo from TWU Archives

Alloway Library staff appreciate our patrons’ patience and cooperation during this challenging time.

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