August 19, 2009

No stereotypes here

Prior to the recent news that Alloway Library will receive funding from the federal government’s Knowledge Infrastructure Program, Alloway Library staff were pondering ways to raise funds on their own.

Here’s one idea we ruled out:

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) Texas librarians are baring their skin and revealing their tattoos - all to raise disaster relief money to help damaged libraries. Photos of the librarians and their body art appear in a new calendar sold by the Texas Library Association.

The "Tattooed Ladies of TLA" 18-month calendar is a follow-up to the successful "Men of Texas Libraries" calendar, which raised $9,000 to help libraries damaged by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.(Kelly Shannon; Associated Press)

One Alloway Librarian commented that "younger classmates at library school were so worried about the stereotypical image of a librarian that they adorned themselves with various piercings, tattoos and (dare I say) outlandish clothing. They avoided the stereotype, but ended up looking somewhat alarming.”

Another Alloway Librarian suggested playing up the stereotype with “a calendar featuring all of us wearing prim, grey suits (with sensible shoes, of course), horn-rimmed glasses, tightly-wound buns in our hair (the men could use wigs), and holding our fingers to our lips, in the dour, time-honoured Librarians’ 'Shush.'”

In fact, the staff at Alloway Library are neither alarming, nor dour but, like their bolder Texas colleagues, do share a passion for libraries and the service and resources we provide to our users.

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