July 14, 2009

StatsCan Census Profiles Here

Statistics Canada’s 2006 Census Profiles which were released in April, 2009 have been catalogued and added to Alloway Library’s collection for in-library use.
These print profiles provide statistical information about the population, households, dwellings and families as measured in the last census. The 70 volumes of data and maps in the The 2006 Profile of Census series provide a statistical overview of various geographic areas, including major urban centres, based on a number of detailed variables and/or groups of variables in a publication series format.
While much the 2006 census data is available online, the print profiles, are not These reference materials are designed to help users make the most of census data. They cover various aspects of the census and are intended to support the use of census data. Every effort has been made to simplify the text or add simple explanations to the technical text in order to make the information accessible to as many people as possible.
Alloway Librarians are able to provide further assistance with this resource.

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