June 11, 2009

Oxford online resources updated

Alloway Library has added another big update to Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection! In the latest release are seven new editions containing masses of up-to-date facts, plus three varied new titles ranging from Hinduism, to scientific writing and editing, to Australian military history. Several of these titles now include entry-level links to editorially vetted websites, offering starting points for further research. (TWU login may be required to access these resources)

The new titles are:
  • A Dictionary of Hinduism, a comprehensive guide to all the major Hindu practices, festivals, beliefs, gods, sacred sites, languages, and religious texts,
  • The New Oxford Dictionary for Scientific Writers and Editors, a comprehensive and authoritative style guide for students, professionals, and publishers working with writing in the fields of physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, astronomy, mathematics, and computer science.
  • The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History, a substantial, learned, accessible and up-to-date exploration of Australia's varied and colourful military matters – both past and present – by Australia's foremost military scholars, ranging from the colonial period to the 21st century,
New editions now available are:
A Dictionary of Physics (with entry-level weblinks)
The Concise Dictionary of Politics (with entry-level weblinks)
The Kings and Queens of Britain (with entry-level weblinks)
A Dictionary of Business and Management (with entry-level weblinks)
The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (with entry-level weblinks)
A Dictionary of Psychology (with entry-level weblinks)
The Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions

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