June 04, 2009

One hundred and twenty-two smart friends

The TWU Graduate Student Association has generously provided funding to the library for 122 volumes of the Cambridge Companions series of e-books which are now available online. (TWU login may be required.)

The Cambridge Companions series offers collections of essays which are intended to serve as reference works for an inter-disciplinary audience of students and non-specialists. Addressing topics and figures ranging from Plato through Kant to Habermas, and philosophical movements such as the Scottish Enlightenment and German Idealism, this online collection contains over 1100 downloadable essays taken from the Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture (as of May 2009 there are 122 titles).

Individual titles include:
The Cambridge Companion to American Judaism
The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy
The Cambridge Companion to Bob Dylan
The Cambridge Companion to John Calvin
The Cambridge Companion to Modern French Culture

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