June 03, 2009

Library workstations enhanced

Nearly all of the public workstations in the library have been improved in several ways to provide more tools to student researchers. The change comes in response to many requests from students wanting access to their network data drives (the same Z:Drive that they can use in the student labs.) For TWU students this means new productivity tools on the workstations, a new way to log in, and a new method to pay for printing.

Programs and resources are now accessed using the Windows Start button. In addition to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) there are additional programs installed:
  • SPSS (Social Sciences Statistics)
  • PhotoShop CS4
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 2.
TWU students now log in with their TWU Login which was issued at student registration. Students no longer need to log in with the library barcode. (Students can get login information via the TWU student portal)
  • Users without a TWU student login can use their valid library barcode to log in to workstations LIBR13, LIBR14 and LIBR15 which are on the main floor at the south-facing wall. These workstations do not have the new interface and software available on the other workstations.
The procedure for printing has changed too for TWU student users. No more debit cards for printing! The modified workstations now send print jobs by default to the Print Station printer on the main level where payment is made through Paper Cuts, the same online system used in the computer labs. (Paper Cuts allows users to transfer money into a printing account and use that account to pay for printing in the library or in the labs. The Paper Cuts account balance is visible when you log in.)
  • Library users without a Paper Cuts account can select the Xerox copier on the main level for printing their work. The Xerox is the only printer for users at workstations LIBR13, LIBR14, LIBR15 along the south wall. The Xerox copier, located down the hall from the Circulation Counter requires a print card, sold at the Reserve counter, to release print jobs.
The TWU Information Technology team are also working on some exciting improvements for library users. Watch here for details!

Thanks to Hank Suderman

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