May 07, 2009

A Better World for everyone

At the start of this year Alloway Library agreed to partner with Better World Books. Better World is an online book seller with a difference. They accept library discards, sell them online and then share the proceeds with Alloway Library and literacy organizations. Since 2002 Better World Books has:
  • Collected over 17 Million books from some 3000 colleges, universities and libraries.
  • Raised over $6 Million for Global Literacy.
  • Directly sent more than 1.07 million books to Books for Africa, the National Center for family Literacy, and Feed the Children.
  • Saved over 24 million lbs. of books from landfills.
  • Over 6,000 tons of carbon offset on website sales.
Last week BusinessWeek named them as America's number one Most Promising Social Entrepreneur.

Some of America's most promising social entrepreneurs at Better World Books

Alloway Library's partnership means that many of the books from our sale shelf that do not find a buyer here have another chance when they are listed on Better World's site. Our first shipment was sent to them today and we look forward to our first online sale. We will be glad when part of the proceeds from the sale of one of our consigned books goes to Books for Africa, a Better World Books literacy partner selected by Alloway Library.

The Better World Books website is a great place to shop and learn more about this company and literacy programs around the globe.

And there are plenty of books on the sale shelf here at Alloway Library too-- your purchase will benefit the library today!

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