April 20, 2009


I need at least six peer-reviewed articles, but I don’t know where to start. Sound familiar?

Getting help isn’t always easy. Sometimes we feel we’re asking something we should already know. Or worse yet, it’s something we’ve already asked about, but have forgotten how to do.

Of course the Alloway library has the more traditional types of reference – face-to-face for those who love the personal human touch, e-mail for the neo-traditionalists, and chat for those who live online. These are all available from the links on the left hand side of the library home page.

But sometimes we’re working late at night and can’t wait for a librarian to wake up. Fortunately, the library also has a less well-known form of help -- a set of flash tutorials linked from this page http://www.twu.ca/library/flashtutorials.htm

The tutorials cover a range of topics, including how to:

  • do research

  • use the library’s online catalogue

  • cite your sources.

Other tutorials show how to use databases linked to specific disciplines such as:

  • Communications

  • Education

  • Nursing

  • Psychology

  • Religious Studies


Many of them have PDF versions for those prefer to work from a print copy. Have a look at them and if you still have questions, contact a librarian.

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