April 01, 2009

Alloway Library to become caffeine free; introduces new fine policy

Alloway Library, in participation with The Office Health & Safety Committee has agreed to participate in a government funded study to analyze the performance and attitudes of people who are subjected to a caffeine -free work environment. We have agreed to participate on a limited basis only by eliminating the access to coffee products in our office for 1/2 a day. One requirement of this study is that there be little or no notice given to our team members.

Accordingly, the Office Health & Safety Committee advises that coffee will not be available in the Library staff room this morning. Everyone who is a coffee drinker is asked not to leave the building to purchase coffee until the study is over. As well, our Circulation counter folks will be stopping all incoming coffee brought in this morning from vendors, family, friends etc.

Because this is controlled study we want to maintain our integrity and to ensure we comply, our Resource Protection department has agreed to monitor people leaving and entering the building this morning with our new surveillance cameras.

In other, somewhat conflicting news, University Librarian Ted Goshulak announced new fine policies effective April 1. As of today, fines may only be paid using winning “Roll Up the Rim To Win” Cups from Tim Hortons. The new fine schedule is as follows:
  • 1 Food prize (coffee, muffin, doughnut, etc) = .50 cents
  • 1 Tim card = $1.00 and the card is donated to the Library
  • 1 Laptop = $2.00 and the laptop is donated to a Library staff member
  • 1 Toyota Venza = $5.00 and the car is donated to the University Librarian

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