March 23, 2009

The right tool for the job

Photocopying and scanning to email at Alloway Library are now easier thanks to some improvements to our copiers. The copiers on all three levels now handle scan-to-e-mail functions. This feature saves money and paper by scanning images and text to PDF files which you can open on a computer.

On the main level, a new copier especially designed to handle books is easy to use and protects our resources from being squashed flat between the copy glass and the copier cover.

All three library machines can do similar tasks, but each one is best suited for specific types of jobs.

For copying or e-mailing pages from books, use the Main Level copier. It's fine for copying/e-mailing one-or two-page documents as well.

For documents, use the copiers on the Upper and Lower Levels. These machines have document feeders for copying or e-mailing multi page documents. (View a step-by step on emailing here.) They are also great for producing multi page, hole-punched or stapled documents.

Basic instructions for using the machines are posted above each copier. For more information about copying and e-mailing documents in the library, talk to any Alloway staff.

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