March 13, 2009

Our 300th Post!

For anyone keeping track, Tuesday's article on the Planet earth video series was our 300th post! Since September 2005 Alloway Library news has been blogging to keep you informed about news and events at Alloway Library.

In the two and a half years since we started collecting data with Google Analytics there have been nearly 12,000 page visits. We've had over 7,700 visitors from 118 countries using 50 languages. Most visitors were referred to us via TWU websites or Google. Over 25% of our visits are from returning readers and many other readers subscribe to have Alloway Library news delivered to their email via Feedblitz or use a blog reader to get fresh content as it appears.

One of our most popular posts was on the Medieval Book Curse but we've covered many topics pertinent to Alloway Library users including regular updates on our hidden collections such as ebooks, databases, videorecordings. We've profiled Alloway Library, services, resources for TWU's fields of study as well as staff activities. We've run streaming video, archival photos and articles of interest from a variety of sources.

Alloway Library News looks forward to the next 300 posts to keep you current on all the great things that happen in our library and libraries around the world.

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