March 26, 2009

Green lights shine at Alloway Library

Alloway Library is completing a major retrofit of its interior lighting through an innovative partnership with BC Hydro and TWU. The results are brilliant!

As part of Hydro's Power Smart program, old fluorescent light tubes and ballasts are being replaced with units that consume less energy without diminishing the amount of light (lumens.) In fact, most people find that the library is brighter than ever. The improvements in lighting mean that it's easier to read books and call number labels on the shelves. Study carrels throughout the building are now a bit more welcoming for those important research sessions and staff work spaces meet the new "green" standards as well.

Not only does the retrofit make good energy-sense, it also saves Trinity Western thousands of dollars. BC Hydro provided funding for all of the materials at a cost savings of around $10,000 and TWU provided the labour, using members of the Maintenance department to replace approximately 500 fixtures. TWU Maintenance Manager, Glenn Wallace, says "There is a potential energy savings of over 11,000 kilowatt hours per year-- that's a potential cost savings of $7000 off the library's hydro bill."

Less energy, more light, less costs-- what a bright idea!

Read more about TWU's green initiatives.

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