March 31, 2009

The fiction database

NoveList and NoveList K-8 are great databases for readers of fiction and literature.

Say that you want to find a book, but can only remember what it’s about -- a mystery involving a woman blacksmith with a crazy family. NoveList offers a quick and easy way to find just that book. The easy to use Find box on the homepage makes finding a book by describing a plot simple and fast. Typing “mystery woman blacksmith family” in the Find box and selecting the Describe a Plot button will give you a Results page with not only the exact book you were looking for, but lots of other great books, book reviews, links and resources that pertain to this type of plot or book!

NoveList also helps identify titles in a series. The database also includes Author Read-alikes that link patrons to authors that are similar to their favorites.

NoveList K-8 is database of over 64,000 fiction titles for kids of all ages. The fact that it shows reading levels makes it a great resource for teachers.

University Librarian Ted Goshulak has enabled linking from the NoveList and NoveList K-8 databases to Alloway Library's catalogue. Now, the NoveList have a link: Check the TWU Library Catalogue. This will take you to our catalogue to see if we have the item.

There are a few limitations however. If Alloway Library has a different edition from the one listed in NoveList, it won't show up in the results. You can simply double-check the catalogue by doing a title search to know for sure if the library does or does not have the item.

Why not give NoveList a try and let it recommend to you your next fiction read? Or use it to find that novel that everyone's talking about but you can't quite remember the title!
(TWU login may be required.)

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