March 20, 2009

Classic economics texts added to the collection

Alloway Library's cataloguing librarian, Rick Wiebe, just competed adding some 50 books to the collection on economics and related subjects. The books, while new to the collection are by no means new. These classic texts with publication dates ranging from the the late 19th century to the the 1930's were donated to the library by a retired economics professor.

Given that some pundits are calling the current global economic situation "the Great Recession" these works may bear another look. And when a quick Google search for these titles yields comments such as: "... offers valuable insights into policy thinking a century ago, with a surprising degree of relevance to pressing policy issues today" or "the most eminent contribution to modern economic theory" we can be sure that these items will be an asset to Alloway Library's collection of resources

Titles include
JM Keynes A treatise on money
A Marget Theory of prices
von Wieser Social economics
Robbins The great depression
Knight The ethics of competition
AC Pigou The economics of welfare
Wicksell The common sense of political economy
Bohm-Bawerk Capital and interest
Chamberlin The theory of monopolistic competition
Marshall Principles of economics
Thanks to Rick Wiebe

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