March 11, 2009

4 new DVDs to view anywhere

You can borrow these DVDs from the library or view via streaming video online (TWU login may be required) Request the item if it has an "in-cataloguing" status.

Freedom of expression: resistance and repression in the age of intellectual property. In 1998, communication professor Kembrew McLeod managed to trademark the phrase "freedom of expression" -- an alarming comment on the extent to which intellectual property law has come to restrict creativity and the free expression of ideas. This program, based on McLeod's book, explores the legal and ethical battles being waged in courts, classrooms, museums, film studios, and the Internet over control of the cultural commons in the United States and beyond. Transcript and links to website included in catalogue.

In debt we trust: America before the bubble bursts. This prescient 2006 documentary examines the increasing debt burden carried by millions of Americans and argues that corrupt practices by financial and government institutions are fostering citizens' dependence on credit while creating a ballooning national debt that is leading the country towards fiscal disaster.

Wal*Mart Nation is an documentary about the international anti-Wal-Mart movement. The filmmakers were trying to answer the question, "how did the world's most successful and influential company become the most hated." The film is a two-year-long journey into a contentious world of protests, pageants, union organizing (and busting); dirty tricks and low low prices. The filmmakers were granted rare access both to Wal-Mart itself, and the inner sanctums of its bitterest enemies. The result is a provocative, engaging and frequently humourous POV documentary.

The M word examines the history and the issues behind Canada's Multiculturalism policy through archival film footage, newspaper articles and official documents as well as present day interviews with students, scholars, journalists, activists and lawyers. it t looks as issues such as:
  • Immigration and Canada's Nation Building
  • Rise of Quebec Nationalism and the Royal Commission
  • The Three Great Waves of Immigration in Canada, and their criteria
  • Residential Schools and their effect on First Nations Culture
  • Chinese Railroad Workers and the Head Tax
  • "Continuous Journey Regulation of 1908"
  • Japanese Internment
  • Slavery in Canada
  • Reasonable Accommodation

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