February 02, 2009

One for the books: Baby born at Denver library

By Kirk Mitchell The Denver Post 01/27/2009

A woman got off a bus in front of the main Denver library last week and asked for assistance — to deliver her baby.
"It was all so quick," said Celeste Jackson, spokeswoman of the library. "They just went to work on her."

A library employee spotted the woman just as she got off a bus. She wasn't feeling well and needed help inside the building, Jackson said. Security guards helped her inside the east entrance of the library and got her off to the side of the foyer, where the woman delivered a healthy girl.

Paramedics soon arrived and took mother and baby to a hospital, Jackson said. "That's the first time we had a birth at the library," she said. "It's pretty exciting." Everything happened so quickly, library employees didn't have time to get the mother's name. "We're trying to track her down so we can send her some flowers," Jackson said.

There was no word on whether or not the baby was overdue.

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