February 03, 2009

British Columbia by the numbers

BC Stats is an important tool for anyone seeking statisitcal information about British Columbia. All data is compiled by the central statistical agency of the Province of British Columbia and is the provincial government's largest concentration of statistical products, services and expertise.

Alloway Library users have access to BC Stats through the BC Electronic Library Network. (Login may be required from off campus)

BC Stats' objectives are:
  • to produce and interpret statistical information relating to all facets of life in British Columbia, including the demographic, social and economic conditions of the province and its population.
  • to serve the needs of a variety of clients in the public and private sectors, for timely and reliable statistical information and analytical services with respect to the Province of British Columbia.
  • to assist British Columbia provincial government ministries and agencies with their statistical activities, (e.g., collecting, compiling, analysing and distributing statistical information) and in establishing appropriate technical standards and procedures to avoid duplication in collecting information.
  • to coordinate statistical matters between the British Columbia Government and statistical agencies of other governments within Canada.

The statistics contained in their publications and reports come from various sources, including Statistics Canada, surveys conducted by provincial government ministries and agencies, as well as from administrative files.

Subject areas at the BC Stats website include
  • Aboriginal Peoples
  • Business & Industry
  • Census Data
  • Economic Statistics
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Exports & Imports
  • Labour & Income
  • Mapping & Geography
  • Population & Demographics
  • Regional Statistics
  • Social Statistics
  • Surveys & Analysis

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