September 22, 2008

Alloway Library introduces new databases

Alloway Library users have gained access to a number of new databases through its partnership with the BC Electronic Library Network. Dubbed the Multi-Sector Database Bundle, (MSB) it is an exciting core suite of databases which benefits all BC ELN partner libraries. The products target programs delivered by BC post-secondary institutions including business, health, education, library sciences, trades and tourism, to name a few.

Here’s an brief content description of the Multi-Sector Bundle databases. Most of them are new to Alloway Library’s collection of resources, a few are upgrades to databases we already have.
The products are listed below, with links to Alloway Library’s website

Encyclopedia of British Columbia
An exceptional provincial resource touching every facet of British Columbia including geology, First Nations, local histories, origins of place names, famous persons and organizations, and with hundreds of images, photos, maps, and tables.

World Book Advanced is a version of the encyclopedia tailored for the needs of lower undergraduate students, and is an excellent starting place for research. The bundle also includes World Book Kids and L'Encyclopedie Decouvertes which will benefit education students in practicum

EBSCO Database Package

The MSB includes Academic Search Premier which is a familiar product for library researchers. It features 8,250 indexed interdisciplinary journals

Canadian Reference Centre (CRC) This is a large collection of Canadian content including the full text to the Gage Canadian Dictionary and the Gage Canadian Thesaurus . ELN comparison data identifies 240 unique full text titles in CRC that are not contained in any other collection within the bundle.

Consumer Health Complete (CHC) Provides full text for more than 200 health reference books in addition to drug information, medical diagrams, videos and pamphlets.

Professional Development Collection Contains over 500 full text education titles including 343 peer reviewed titles. Comparison data identifies 94 unique full text titles that are not contained within any other products within this bundle.

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstract
s (LISTA) with Full Text accesses full text to over 220 library journals as well as abstracts for an additional 690 titles.

Masterfile Premier includes 1,750 general periodicals of which 500 are not found in any other databases within the Bundle (see spreadsheet) Masterfile Premier also contains almost 300,000 photos, maps and flags and 86,000 full text biographies.

Education Focus
The EBSCO database package includes a concentration of resources suitable for institutions with Education, Early Childhood Education, and Special Education Teacher Assistant programs. These products include: Primary Search; Middle Search, NoveList and NoveList K8

As well, there are over 400 titles indexed in ERIC which are now available full text through MasterFile Premier and the Professional Development Collection. Across the Ebsco products, there are 229 full text educational reports. This concentration of material for teacher-trainees complements the World Book content such as World Book Kids and L'Encyclopedie Decouvertes.


The Multi-Sector Bundle includes a large array of material formats. In addition to the thousands of fulltext journals, images, and maps, it also includes over 1,000 e-books (see spreadsheet) and the full text to:

  • 1051 biographies,
  • 165 case studies
  • 1,424 country reports
  • 185 health reports
  • 5,173 industry reports
  • 444 market research reports
  • 3,371 SWOT analysis which involves detailed information about a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • 1,182 primary source documents
  • and 178 newspapers, newswires, TV/Radio/News transcripts.

Feel free to contact Alloway Library professional staff for assistance in using these databases or visit the More info link for a specific title using the Articles (Databses) page on the library's website.

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