August 21, 2008

Canada’s First National Book Collecting Contest

You may not think you're a book collector, but if you're a regular buyer of books - whether at bookshops, garage sales or Alloway Library sales - maybe you actually are one. If so and if you can write a brief essay about your collection you could win up to $2500 in The National Book-Collecting Contest.

The Contest is open to all Canadian residents under thirty years of age and is intended to encourage young Canadians to collect books and study the discipline of researching and writing bibliographies. The National Book-Collecting Contest is sponsored by the Bibliographical Society of Canada along with their partners the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Canada, and the Alcuin Society.

If you need to get started on a book collection be sure to visit Alloway Library’s sale shelf where you will find hardcover titles for $1 and paper backs for just 50¢.

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