July 14, 2008

Digital Televsion Broadcast and you

If you watch television from the USA, you’ve probably seen public service ads about changes to television broadcasting starting in February 2009. Here’s a concise guide to what it all means for Canadian TV viewers from Susan Weber, Media Librarian for the Advanced Education Media Acquisitions Centre (AEMAC)

The US is commencing digital TV broadcast, by law, in February. 2009. Canada will not do this until 2011. Nevertheless, I'm sure there will be mass confusion about what this means and what we have to do (or not) to prepare.

It doesn't affect people who have cable signal and/or digital TVs and Canadians won’t have to deal with the changeover until 2011.

The change to digital broadcast affects people who view TV via “rabbit ears” (antenna) and who have analog televisions. For these people, a converter box can be purchased. The federal government is distributing $40 coupons, upon request, to US residents).

Just to clarify, HDTV is different from digital broadcast, and you don't have to buy a HDTV to receive digital TV.

If you want to find out more about the US’ plan visit the DTV Answers Website

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