June 03, 2008

Reusable book bags for Alloway Library

Alloway Library has just completed an order to purchase reusable bags from POP Packaging. The custom-made Polyfabric bags are made of a strong, lightweight non-woven plastic that looks and feels like cloth. They are strong enough, and big enough to hold many books and come with long, shoulder-friendly handles. They look great, and, best of all, the bags will be used again and again, unlike the disposable plastic bags the library currently provides upon request.

Alloway Library joins with other libraries in encouraging patrons to start a bag habit by switching from disposable to reusable bags. In our area, both SFU Libraries the Fraser Valley Regional Libraries have eliminated plastic disposable bags and now sell reusuable Pop Envirobags. Once the Polyfabric bags arrive, the library will no longer provide free disposable plastic bags. The fabric bags are expected to sell for $3 each.


Anonymous said...

I like this idea. My only concern is what happens if it is pouring rain outside, and the patron has no money to buy a bag?

Shawn said...

We're glad to hear you like the idea! We anticipate barcoding a few bags so they can be checked out to patrons who don't have cash. (Credit to one our patrons for this great idea!) Another idea we are mulling over is to make plastic bags available on rainy days for a suggested donation-- maybe a nickel minimum?
What do you think?