June 18, 2008

New Library Home Page Beta Release

Today marks the release of the beta version of the Alloway Library's new web interface. This is the second stage of the update to the library catalogue and interface. Earlier in the year, more powerful search functions, as well as e-mail notification of overdue books, were added to the library catalogue.
A quick guide to the new interface can be found here.
We hope to solicit as much feedback as possible over the next two months ahead of our final release in late August, just before classes begin. We would encourage any interested library users to try out the new interface and let us know if you find anything that does not work as you would like, or if you can't find something essential to your research.
You can e-mail your suggestions to Duncan Dixon or click on the Home Page Beta Feedback link on the new interface.
A special thanks to all those in the TWU community who helped us with our initial usability testing.

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