May 30, 2008

Oxford Reference Online is updated and expanded

Allloway Library's Oxford Reference Online is updated at least three times a year with new titles, new editions and additional features. In addition, all content in the Premium Collection is reviewed and updated regularly. In the latest update, over 8,000 entries have been revised. As well, this update includes over 1,750 new entries and over 700 illustrations. Oxford's systematic and regular updating policy ensures researchers have access to current, trustworthy content.

The latest update to Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection includes a wealth of new and updated science-based content ranging from nursing to cosmology, plus a host of new and revised entries on literary terms.

New to the collection is The Oxford Companion to Cosmology, by Andrew Liddle and Jon Loveday, a comprehensive and accessible overview of the structure of the universe, including detailed information on cold dark matter, galaxy clusters, the evolution of galaxies, alternative cosmologies, redshift surveys, and cosmic microwave background radiation.

Alloway Library users also benefit from the new and updated content in five new editions:

All these new editions have carefully selected entry-level web links to guide you to the best of the rest of the web.

In addition, there is a new Victorian Britain Timeline, a chronology of the 64 years of the rule of Queen Victoria, together with links to related entries in the Premium Collection.

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