May 28, 2008

New DVDs

These newly acquired videorecordings can be obtained by clicking on the title and then use the request link in the catalogue record.

Tsunami: the wave that shook the world On 12/26/04 a series of tidal waves killed thousands and devastated communities around the Indian Ocean. With around 100 tsunamis striking the world's coastlines each decade, Nova investigates what made the recent event so powerful and catastrophic. Additional resources online.

Is God Green? (Moyers on America series) For years liberal Christians and others have made protection of the environment a moral commitment. Now a number of conservative evangelicals are joining the fight, arguing that man's stewardship of the planet is a biblical imperative and calling for action to stop global warming. But they are being met head-on by opposition from their traditional evangelical brethren who adamantly support the Bush administration in downplaying the threat of global warming and other environmental perils. Preview and other online resources.

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