May 15, 2008

Making things better

Some small tweaks to Alloway Library's circulation policies, made with the goal of giving researchers the material they say they need, will provide big benefits to library users.

The first tweak is an increase to the number of times most borrowers can renew most items. The new policy allows for 2 online renewals and 2 more renewals by contacting Circulation staff. Of course, there are exceptions: 2 and 3-day Reserve material is not be renewable; faculty have one online renewal; items requested by another user cannot be renewed. Undergrad students who use Curriculum Collection material in practica may now renew that material one time online-- but no additional renewals will be granted.

To balance the increased renewals we have also increased the number of requests per borrower from 6 to 12. The increase means that researchers who find that "everything I want is out" aren't faced with the task of choosing only 6 items to request.

Email notification has played a part in these changes. Alloway Library staff note that since the change from print to email notices in January more requested items are picked up in a timely manner, and those who have material requested by another user receive prompt notification to return the item.

Visit Alloway Library's webpage for answers to Frequently Asked Questions and more information about Loan Policies.

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